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Why we should wear a wood watch?(EcVendor)


When a watch is crafted using wood, it is entirely unique.

No two watches constructed with hardwood can ever be the same.

Nature is infinite in its variety, especially when it comes to the wood grain.

The color, shape, direction, and width of the grain varies by species of tree, the cut of the wood and the stain that to preserves it.

It is impossible to make any two timepieces appear identical even when they are cut from the same tree.

Additionally, even if you purchase a production wood watch, most designers incorporate multiple parts of the wood in order to create contrast and complement the components to enhance the natural beauty of the wooden pieces.


The opportunity to wear something unique, unusual, and uncommon that adds a touch of class and sophistication to your wardrobe rarely presents itself anymore in this age of the copycat products that anyone can order online.

When you drape your wrist with a wood watch, it instantly becomes an object of admiration and often disbelief.

Get used to hearing the refrain “Cool watch, looks like wood...Oh, it really is wood!”

No one else you meet will ever have a watch identical to your own.No matter what major name brand watch you buy, be it Timex or Rolex, anyone can buy one exactly like the one you have.

Only wood watches are impossible to duplicate


Wearing a wood watch on your wrist or as a pocket watch gives you that something extra that so many crave and fail to achieve in terms of making a statement or standing out from the crowd.

Distinguish yourself with the accessory that never fails to attract comments and compliments.

Whether your preferred look is ultramodern formal or more casual and natural, a wooden watch in the right color tone with the right finish can perfect any outfit with just the right finishing touch.

Add something that sets a new standard for fashion among your friends and colleagues, and get yourself a wood watch.


Few possession we carry every day contains the natural look and feel of wood.

We are surrounded by plastic, treated leather, synthetic fabric, metal, and glass.

So much of our everyday products are manufactured, processed, sterile, and emotionless.

When we add wood accents to our daily lives, be it in the form of the cardholder, a pen, or most especially an item we look at frequently such as a watch, we maintain a connection to the natural world amid all of the artificial things that surround us.

While we may not always control our environment in which we must spend the majority of our time, we can still carry little pieces of a more natural place with us wherever we go.

Regardless, it definitely helps to carry a wood watch to hang onto your connection to the earth even in the urban jungle.


As a wood watch ages, it changes. Just as a piece of antique furniture acquires what collectors call a "patina" so a wood watch gains character. Age, wear and the polishing action of clothing creates a sheen.

The surface of a wood watch tells the story of its life. This is not something to worry about. Aging gracefully means the character of the wood can emerge making it even more beautiful over time.

Watches are often passed on from generation to generation. A wood watch works well as a family heirloom because of the attractive aging of the wood. It reminds the current owner of the heritage of the watch and the legacy of previous owners.


Many people have metal allergies that they are either acutely aware of or do not discover until they start wearing jewelry.

Metal allergies can discolor the skin and cause severe irritation or rashes.

Often, it means that some people cannot wear even the finest jewelry with the purest of metals simply because of histamine reactions in their skin cells.

With a wood watch though, metal allergies are never a concern.

Both men and women can enjoy attractive jewelry in the form of wooden timepieces with beautifully crafted wristbands and backing.


Having wood close to the skin on a regular basis means that your skin absorbs whatever coats the wood’s surface.

Artisans create the best wood watches out of chemical-free and non-toxic materials and finishes.

Make sure that your contact with a wood watch does not result in your adding harmful side effects to your everyday life.

A thing of beauty like a wood watch should definitely add only good things to life, never bad.

Thanks to improved crafting processes and better finish formulas, buying a wooden watch doesn’t have to involve health hazards

Ultimately, there are so many reasons to own a wood watch that they may soon become the standard expectation for men’s and women’s timepiece accessories. Spare the time to look over some popular designs

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