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bamboo bike
bamboo bike
bamboo bike
bamboo bike
bamboo bike
bamboo bike
bamboo bike
bamboo bike
bamboo bike
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bamboo bike
bamboo bike

Bamboo Bikes for adults:


Since I made my first bamboo bike in 2009 the category has had a huge increase in popularity. At the time it was not possible to buy any bamboo bikes in Asia. These days we work with several suppliers. Depending on where you live and what kind of bikes you want, we can recommend different bike designs. 


Of course it is the easiest if you live in China, then you can just come down to the factory. There you can pick out your frame and have it custom-built with the parts you like. It’s fun!


In case you would like to test-ride the bikes before buying or just need a bike for a couple days, you can rent one as well if you are in China.


Bamboo bikes for kids:


EcVendor Bamboo bike is enegetic to give a shout-out to our friends. To protect the health of your child and the environment eco products are made to adhere to the following standards:

  1. processing with no chemicals

  2. use of saliva-resistant paints

  3. products containing no PVC

  4. manufactured from renewable bamboo

  5. social sustainability in the land of production

  6. local processing without intermediate trade/unnecessary transport

Why Bamboo?


BAMBOO: a natural composite material longitudinally reinforced by strong fibers. 

LIGHT: In wood the strongest fibres are packed in the centre of the trunk, however in bamboo the stems are full of cavities and the strongest fibres are distributed most densely in the outer surface region. 

STIFF: As a consequence the most stable fibre structures in bamboo are most dense in regions of greatest longitudinal stress. Wood bends relatively easily but bamboo does not. 

STRONG: Extremely strong wood fibres can resist up to 5kN/cm2 and steel can resist at most 37kN/cm2 whereas the outer fibres of slim bamboo tubes have tensile strengths of up to 40kN/cm2 

Bamboo is therefore an ideal material for bike construction where stiffness and strength to weight ratios are important.


QUIET LUXURIOUS RIDE: The vibration damping characteristics of bamboo make this bike a dream to ride. It is much more comfortable than a carbon fibre frame. 

PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGE: This is not just a cool bike. It is appropriate for racing and for everyday use. The vibration damping is a performance advantage on longer rides, reducing fatigue and shock associated with carbon frames.


NATURAL DAMPING: The composite nature of bamboo gives it an enviable advantage over carbon for absorbing road shocks and vibrations. By absorbing shock, yet remaining incredibly stiff, the rider experiences a rare combination - a forgiving, performance frame. 

Each frame is built to order every frame is a unique. Bamboo tubes are selected for the weight of the rider.



OXYGEN:Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, generating more oxygen than the equivalent stand of trees.

NATURAL RESOURCE:There are about 500 species of bamboo and hundreds of sub-species throughout the world. Within a year, plants reach full height, and over the next 6-8 years, plants gain hardness and strength as they lignify. It is an enduring natural resource that can be selectively harvested annually.

ECO FRIENDLY: Steel, aluminium and titanium frames all require high levels of energy to produce, from extraction to extrusion, before being suitable for bicycle manufacture. Carbon fibre also requires a lot of energy to produce in its controlled oxidation, carbonisation and graphitisation. The graphitisation process in particular is highly energy intensive, requiring temperatures of ~2600°C for high strength fibres or ~3000°C for high modulus (elastic) fibres.

HEMP JOINTS: Hemp is a natural alternative to carbon fibre and is available as an option on Calfee bamboo bike frames. The eco-credentials of hemp are already recognised in the clothing and construction industries.

Demonstrator Bamboo Bike for Sale bamboo bike has a mix of Shimano components including:

  • Shimano Ultegra Road Levers

  • Dura Ace front shifter

  • Ultegra Triple Chainset

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