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Why Wooden Watches?

We received a lot of questions why we should wear wood watches. Well, there are many different varieties of watches that people use to keep track of time. Watches made out of metal or plastic are the typical ones we often see in the market. However, making use of natural wood to create beautiful products, including watches, is the new trend today not only because it is a fashion statement but also it has environmental benefits.

Steel, plastic, gold, and platinum are common materials used for watches. While these materials vary in price, they share a feature: They’re easy to machine. You can make almost any shape and size of watch with these.

"But watchmakers love challenges. And when challenged, they create things of wonder and beauty" - PickWoodWatch

Enter wood: It’s a lot more difficult to work with wood. Wood isn’t flexible like metal and plastic. Wood is sensitive to moisture. Wood can’t be manipulated on a tiny scale like metal can.

But watchmakers love challenges. And when challenged, they create things of wonder and beauty.

Most watchmakers who work with wood use wood exclusively in their watches’ cases, but not all of them do, as you’ll see.


1. No two pieces of wood watches are exactly alike.

Each wood watch is unique from all the other wood watches because each are handmade and handcrafted. Due to the particularities of wood, it is not possible to mass-produce them unlike metal or plastic watches.

2. Your wood watch becomes more beautiful as both of you age.

Wood texture and color evolves and enrich in time. Once you start wearing wood watches, your skin’s natural oils gradually blend in the wood. Unlike metal watches that wear down over time, wood watches look even better the longer you wear them. Indeed, it becomes more beautiful with age.

3. Wood watches are lightweight and durable.

Wood is one of the lightest and most durable materials on earth. Thus, you will notice right away how much comfortable it is to wear compared to metal watches. Moreover, wood watches are not subject to changes in temperature and climate in the same way that metal is. Being in damp climate conditions, it will never ever rust.

4. Wood watches are eco-friendly and economical.

Wood is a very sustainable resource because it is renewable and grows naturally. It also requires less energy to produce products out of it, which gives it a low carbon footprint. Moreover, wood stores excess carbon dioxide from the air so by wearing wood watches, you are helping remove these chemicals from the atmosphere.

5. You can wear wood watches with anything.

No matter what you’re wearing or where you’re going, wood watches would always look good on you.

Convinced? Browse our collection of wood watches and choose yours today!

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